Open Space Arts


Alice's Adventures in Wonderland
Adapted by Cory Wilmarth

Directed by Elora Maisenhelder
Assistant Directed by Chris De Bow
Stage Managed by Marc Reamer


Costume Design - Elora Maisenhelder
Set Coordinator - Marc Reamer and Will Dalrymple
Sound Design - Ava Weintzweig
Props Design - Anna Dyke


Alice - Chloe Heles
Pat/ Lorina/ Frog Footman/ Canary - Angela Wright
The White Rabbit - Josie Shaffer
Professor Dodgson/ The Caterpillar/ Card Quard - Eric Boelsche
The Cheshire Cat - Chris De Bow
The Mad Hatter/ Tweedledum/ Pansy - Connor Dyke
Gryphon/ Tweedledee/ Daisy - Mark Dylan Ordaz
The Duchess/ Mrs. Lidell/ Violet - Paris Brown
Queen of Hearts/ Rose/ Dodo - randi Seepersad
Bill/ King of Hearts/ Owl/ Mr. Lidell - Aaron Reamer
The Mock Turtle/ The Knave f Hearts/ Talking Flower - Salone Barry
The March Hare/ Two of Spades/ Talking Flower - Sade Ali
The Doormouse/ Daisy/ Duck - Charlie Saroff
The Three of Clubs/ Eaglet - Sharon Saroff
The Ace of Spades/ Fish Footman/ The Lory/ Daisy #2 - Max Jett-Parmer
The Cook/ Lily/ Mouse/ Edith - Jay Akintoye