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Thank you to everyone who submitted to the 2020 Summer Playwrights Festival!

In light of the current pandemic, production for the 2020 Summer Playwrights Festival will be postponed.  Plays will still be selected for this theme in preparation, so playwrights can expected to hear back sometime in May if their play was chosen. We thank you for your kindness and enthusiasm in sharing your work with us during this tumultuous time.

For plays that are not chosen for our final production, but made it into our top choices, we may contact playwrights for permission to do a virtual "staged reading" of their work to share on our various social media platforms. We hope this will help shine some light on even more playwrights than just our festival allows, as well ask keep our audiences engaged in the event that the festival needs to be postponed to next year for the health and safety for our community and everyone involved in the production. We at Open Space Arts know how valuable the arts and entertainment are in a time like this, to keeping up spirits in a world of uncertainty, and so we will do our best to continue to bring fun and engaging content to our community.

In the meantime we will also be conducting an ongoing Virtual Variety Show! If you would like to take part check out our submission guidelines below.

Submission Guidelines:
- Videos should be five minutes or less.
- Videos should be emailed to Anna and Elora at The email should contain the name you would like to be credited as, a brief information blurb about your act (play, playwright, and character for monologues/scenes, song title and artist for musical acts, etc.) and where you can be found on social media (if you want to share.)
- Acts must be family friendly! No overt swearing (think PG-13 movies,) offensive or crude language or themes.
- Have fun and get creative!

Videos will be posted at least once a week! Follow us on our social media platforms so you don't miss out on the fun!

We thank you for your contributions, and for your efforts in slowing the spread of COVID-19.

Stay Home. Stay Safe. Stay Healthy. Keep Creating!

Thank You,

The Staff at Open Space Arts

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