Winter Radio Play!

The winter show has been announced! This year, we will be doing The Emperor’s New Clothes as a satyrical comedy radio show written by our very own Angela DeBow.

Directed by Anna Dyke and Liv Eastwood

Auditions can be sent to openspacearts@gmail.com

Ages 15+ up for auditions

If an acting resume is available please feel free to attach to the emailed reels, though no resume is required to auditon.

All characters may be played by all genders and may be read as such. For sides with multiple roles read however you are comfortable, reading either one role at a time ignoring or pausing for the second role, or both at once

Sides can be found here:


Reels may be emailed to openspacearts@gmail.com

If it's your first time submitting a voice reel, please check out this helpful video:

Audition deadline is November 19th. Show will be performed live via Zoom on February 3rd and 4th.

Actors will be given a small stipend of $20.

Once more, for the safety of all involved, proof of COVID vaccination for eligible and able persons is required to participate.

This project is non-union/unpaid.

For questions, email us at openspaceartsmd@gmail.com