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John Gloss --  Executive Director


John Gloss is an actor, and director who has been with Open Space Arts since winter 2018. He graduated form University of Maryland with a MBA. When not preparing for a show you can find him producing and editing podcasts, or working on other miscellaneous creative projects. 



Angela Wright -- Co-Artistic Director / Human Resources


Angela joined Open Space Arts in late 2015 after coming to the haunted house and being too scared to leave. She graduated from Elizabethtown College With a BA in Theatre Performance and Creative Writing. She directed the 2017 Winter Production of The Tempest, and played assorted characters in OSA’s Alice's Adventures In Wonderland. Angela’s main interests include classical theatre, improv, playwriting, and directing.


Marc Reamer -- Technical Director


Marc's journey with Open Space began in 2008, where he showcased his artistic prowess by crafting a giant dragon head from chicken wire and paper mache for "The Day The Apple Fell on the Path." Transitioning to Stage Manager in 2010, he orchestrated productions with finesse. In 2015, Marc became the Technical Director, illuminating our shows with his expertise, from Stage Managing SPF productions to crafting sets, props, and designing captivating lighting, notably for the 2017 production of "The Tempest." His dedication extended to diverse productions, including "The Mousetrap" by Agatha Christie in 2018, "Robin Hood" by Larry Blamire in 2019, and "As You Like It" by William Shakespeare in 2020. Marc's passion for technical excellence propels the success and artistic vibrancy of our non-profit theatre company, Open Space.

Anna Dyke -- General Manager/Social Media Coordinator


Anna has been with Open Space since 2013 and has been a staff member since 2015. They have been involved in every open space show since they joined. From Lupanando in Lupunando the Magnificent - SPF 2014 to Stephano in The Tempest, Anna has played a wide variety of roles. They are also working towards a Fine Arts degree in theatre from CCBC. Anna is a straight up robot. A really cool robot with laser eyes. Pew.


Jonathan Morthole - Digital Marketing/Social Media Engagement


Jonathan has been with Open Space since 2017, acting and foley directing in multiple subsequent shows. Since joining OSA staff in 2023, they have been utilizing their experience in administration, social media and online marketing to broaden the reach of OSA’s mission. Outside of work, Jonathan can be found traveling, in their film lab, or in the workshop restoring electronics.

Kirsten Mize -- Creative Assistant


Kirsten had her OSA debut in 2020, when she played the role of Mina Harker in Dracula. After that, she was enthusiastically swept into the theatre hustle and bustle and has since involved herself in as many OSA endeavors as possible. Her favorite OSA events are the radio plays, but SPF has found a special place in her heart as well and she looks forward to it every year. Kirsten’s acting experience goes back to her childhood, having voiced the role of young damsel in distress, Gwennie, in Sierra Online's King's Quest VIII: Mask of Eternity at the age of 9. She now works as a voice actor independently from her home studio and has lent her voice to musicals, operas, stage plays, video games, podcasts, and radio plays. When Kirsten is not in her recording booth, or on-stage, she can be found in her 6th grade classroom teaching the next generation to be wise, kind, and creative.

Paris Brown -- Director of Education

Avery De Bow -- Webmaster

Avery has been with Open Space Arts since 2014, primarily in acting and improv, occasionally directing. Avery joined staff in 2019 and has been serving as webmaster since that time.

Jessica Horn -- Chief of Marketing


We would like to recognize the work and contributions of those who are not officially OSA Staff, but who work hard with or for us regularly and who we are so glad share their talents with us. With their efforts we are able to make our company and community a better place.


Katie Ganem - Public Relations Facilitator/Web Designer

Ren Garczynski -  Official Photographer   (Portfolio)

Max Tucker - Official Graphic Designer   (Portfolio)

Christen Gross -- Community Outreach


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