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Announcing the theme for our 2024 Summer Playwrights Festival! 

Something Lost, Something Gained

This summer we are doing something a little different for SPF. We've chosen six of our favorite submissions from this year's group and are presenting a cold script reading series. Each Wednesday at 6:30PM EST from July 17th through August 21st our talented actors and directors will go through he process of reading a new script and discuss the choices they would make as actors, directors will shed light on the direction process, and the playwrights give the audience insight into the process of writing a play, all in roughly 90 minutes. 

Register for every show here


7/17 First Data by Guy Newsham

Meeting an alien for the first time is awkward, right? What do you say? How do you figure out if there’s a meaningful connection?

7/24 Mature Audience by Maximillian Gill

Six-year-old Evelyn is determined to get access to streaming TV-MA content, but her younger brother Benjy is hardly onboard and she is struggling to find her mother's password.

7/31 A Very Public, Very Family Friendly Park Bench by Mary Darling

A couple has a very uncomfortable conversation on a park bench, and although their relationship may never be the way it was before, they just might gain a new understanding of each other.

8/7 Wheel of Fortune Reversed by Scott C. Sickles

Death has come for Michael. Which is not necessarily a bad thing because Michael has a bucket list only the Grim Reaper can fulfill.

8/14 Mise En Place by Lucy Wang

After many years, Aimee is moving out of her apartment. She invites her friends over and surprises them with her news. Parting is such sweet sorrow especially when it’s unexpected.

8/21 Brain Freeze by Barry Wood

After discovering that her dying father paid a cryonics facility to store his brain for future reanimation, Emma confronts the staff, demanding they return her father’s head. Unfortunately, they don’t have it anymore.


Angela DeBow

Artistic Director 

John Gloss

Executive Director 


Photos from Summer Playwrights Festival 2023

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