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Alex Moore: 

Alex Moore operates out of Dallas, TX. Her MFA in Theatre has given her a wonderful jump into voice acting.  If you happen to be an anime fan, you’ve heard her on One Piece (Lola), The Devil is a Part-Timer (Suzuno), 91 Days (Fio Vanetti), Azur Lane (Bismarck and Admiral Hipper), and dozens more!  You can also find her in Gearbox’s Borderlands 3!

Local theatre people know Alex for her work with Pegasus Theatre and the Living Black and White series of plays.  She’s been there going on eight years for XSR:Die!, Death on Delivery!,  and most recently, A Trifle Dead!  Which Pegasus produced as a movie to keep engaged with fans during COVID-19.

Alex would like to thank Angela of OSA for letting her come play and help with dialect work. Fun Fact: Alex’s mom also played Van Helsing in a production of Dracula  two decades ago!  

You can follow Alex’s hijinx on Twitter, Instagram, and her website


Christopher Horn:

Thank you for taking the time to listen to this fantastic radio show with these fantastic people. Christopher plays the role of Arthur Holmwood. His previous experience with Open Space Arts is Guy in Robin Hood, Oliver in As You Like It, and various roles in the Summer Playwrights festival. He has also worked with Carroll Community College , and Westminster High School in Westminster, Maryland. His training includes various courses through high school and college, as well as learning on the job. Please enjoy this production as much as Christopher has, and visit Open Space Arts again soon.


Heath Martin:





Heath Martin has been a performer since he could form words. An accomplished Gospel and R&B singer who most notably was signed to mega star manager Dick Scott and an artist in waiting on Blackground Universal Records under the name A.M. or Anthony Martin during the early 2000's with label mates Aaliyah, Tank and Outsiderz 4 Life.

Heath changed his focus to stage, film and voice acting in 2017 with appearances alongside Michael Madsen in the 2019 film, Silence, 2020 in Retribution and other independent projects.

Heath has appeared on stage in many productions but most notably as Greg, the leading male protagonist in an off Broadway production of Sylvia, Mr Cladwell, The lead antagonist in the musical theater production of Urinetown and Mr Feldzieg, the Male antagonist from The Drowsy Chaperone to name a few.

Voice Acting created a new outlet for Heath and he fell in love with the art form immediately. 

Heath has received Coaching from his mentor, the amazing Steve Blum as well as David Sobolov, Everett Oliver, Marc Cashman, Marc Gaue, Jon Bailey and others to name a few.

In addition to coaching, Heath has also been mentored by the great Chuck Duran, Jess Harnell, Bob Bergen and others.

Heath has had many roles in video games, web dramas, radio theater, narration, online d&d role-playing adventures of note, commercial, promo, animation and movie trailers to date. 


Being cast as Dracula in any adaptation of Bram Stoker's classic novel has been a lifelong dream fulfilled and Heath is very excited to put his touch on this Iconic role.


Virginia Lee:



Virginia is a resident of Southeastern Michigan. She has been in several plays and musicals in the Metro Detroit area, including “Mamma Mia” (Ali), “Legally Blonde” (Vivienne Kensington), “Camelot” (Lady Anne), “Peter and the Star Catcher” (Alf), “Once Upon a Mattress” (Lady Larken), and “The 39 Steps” (Annabella Schmidt/Margaret/Pamela) to name a few. She is also a voice actor and has participated in several live-streams in the past year and is in the upcoming serial podcast “Survivor’s Station”. She hopes you enjoy this production of “Dracula”!


Katie Ganem:



Katie Ganem (Mrs. Renfield) is excited to (virtually) return to Open Space Arts, her first theatrical home.  Katie is a DC based actor, singer, playwright, director, and teaching artist. With Open Space, she has played a variety of roles (including Winnie the Pooh, when she was 10-years-old, and that time she played a chocolate-chip cookie), has written 10 minute plays for their annual Summer Playwright's Festival, directed and produced several shows, and served as Artistic Director from 2012-2015.  Before COVID, she helped develop the role of suffragist Alice Paul for the world premiere of 19 the Musical with Through the 4th Wall.  You can hear her sing on Spotify by searching for 19 the Musical or check it out on her website,  Thanks to my Open Space family for letting me try a cockney accent, to my dog, Lupin, for tolerating all the weird screaming, and to my husband, Joey.  I am excited to do this project with you, even if we don't have a scene together.


Joey Posner:



Joey is excited to be back acting with Open Space Arts again. He has been associated with OSA since 2010 as both an actor and in the technical crew (as it was the only way he would reliably be able to spend time with his now wife, Katie), but he has been unable to act since moving to DC in 2015 to go to medical school. As tough as COVID has been for us all, he is glad that this new virtual environment has given us this unique opportunity to put on a radio play, and to be with the OSA family once again. With OSA, Joey portrayed Apollo, Oberon, Smee, half of an elephant, and has even been eaten by giant spiders, but he is endeavoring to take on his most daring role yet, an Englishman. Thank you to my dog Lupin for giving me such helpful feedback, and to Katie, whom I am so very excited to be acting with again (we have scenes together in my heart).


Kirsten Mize: Kirsten Mize, playing the role of Mina Harker, is very excited for her debut performance with Open Space Arts. Kirsten majored in music, performed in several operas, and received her Bachelor of Arts in Vocal Performance from Goucher College in 2014. She also received her Master’s in Education in 2015 and has spent the last six years teaching everything from Debate and Rhetoric, to Ancient History and Music Appreciation. She is continuing her education online, through BlumVox Studios, and works as a voice actor independently from her home studio. When Kirsten is not in her recording booth, or on-stage, she can be found in her 6th grade classroom at The Cambridge School, teaching the next generation to be wise, kind, and creative.


Owen Monahan: Owen has been in several shows with Open Space, including the Mousetrap and Robin Hood, and in Dracula, he plays the show stealing role of Harbormaster. He's currently a sophomore at DePaul University in Chicago, and is glad that he has another chance to work with the good folks at Open Space, albeit remotely. He's always had an interest in radio plays as well, and is very grateful for the opportunity to take part in one.

Robert Brown: Bob has been in theater for over 20 years, primarily performing in the form of improvisation. He has also taught lessons in stage work, public speaking, and improvisation with UCD's Drama Society. Excited to go beyond the stage, this will be his debut performance as a voice actor.


Felicia Harris:



Felicia Harris has no voice acting experience whatsover, but as a kid dreamed of being a ballerina, madscientist voiceover actor.  Specifically for the show "fraggle rock". While incorrectly considered too "shapely" to persue ballet, too intimidated to find out more about voice acting, she opted for Mad Scientist. While not mad, she works as a Clinical Laboratory Scientist and finds that just as good. She was born and raised in East Baltimore City and is the youngest of 5. Having a single mother, she spent lots of time with her grandmother who encouraged her love for reading, which included a lot of fantasy and fairytales. As the baby of the family she didn't have anyone to read to so her grandmother would be the audience, along with her pet hamsters, guinea pigs, and dogs. She always recieved a standing ovation for the performance. She was fascinated by Jim Henson, and his ability to voice not only Kermit the Frog but also The Swedish Chef. As an adult she left the voice acting goal on her bucket list until the oppertunity arose to work with Open Space Arts on their radio broadcast of Dracula. She can't begin to tell you how humbled and honored I am to participate with such an amazing group of actors, and I hope this is the rebirth to a childhood fantasy. 


Jessica Horn:  Jessica has been involved with Open Space Arts going on 4 years and got drawn in when there was a last-minute audition for the role of Andromeda in a show for the Summer Playwrights Festival. Ever since she has loved working with Open Space Arts in whatever capacity she can whether it is acting in shows such as Robin Hood, SPF 2019, and Improv Showcase, to directing in SPF 2019, As You Like It, as well as being the company Make-Up Artist. Recently she joined the OSA staff because she loves the organization and its mission so much, that she couldn’t not be more involved! Jessica is happy to be Co-Directing this production of Dracula, and hope you enjoys the story as told by a wonderful group of talented actors that she has had the pleasure of working with for the past few weeks!

Cecelia Horn -



Cecelia has been a part of theater since the time of her conception, playing a silent role in SPF 2019 while her mother, Jessica, ran around stage as an old lady. CeCe Enjoys the dramatic in her everyday life and couldn't stand not being apart of a project that both of her parents were involved in. The role of "crying baby" was a part CeCe felt as though she were born to play. Thank you to Open Space Arts for casting me in my debut role in this production of Dracula. Goo Goo...Ga Ga... Ma Ma... Da Da.


Jonathan Morthole: Jonathan Morthole (Foley) is pleased to make his foley debut at Open Space Arts, marking his third production with the company, including his role as Detective Sergeant Trotter in The Mousetrap (2018), and as Little John in Robin Hood (2019). Jonathan has had experience with multiple companies over the years, including The Baltimore Actor's Theatre and the Dulaney Theatre Company. He is incredibly thankful to have the privilege of working with such an incredible cast as he explores this new aspect of the performing arts.


Liesl Hall:




This is Liesl's first production with Open Space Arts, and she is thrilled to be a part of this unique production of Dracula! She's been in multiple plays and musicals throughout the years, including "Little Women," "All in the Timing," and "Hansel and Gretel," as well as many short plays and musical showcases. Most recently, she performed in an audiobook production of Charles Dickens' "A Christmas Carol." Her passions include voice-acting, painting, playing with her cute dog Oakley, reading, and watching way too much TV.

John Gloss 

John (Dr. Jack Seward) has been acting in Open Space Arts productions for the past two years. Robin Hood, SPX 2019, As You Like It, If you enjoy the sound of his voice you can hear him weekly, as producer and co-host, on the Conditional Materials podcast.

​​Miri Rotkovitz: (Mrs. Westenra, Vampire Sister) has performed in New York, Boston, and on a national tour. OSA credits: The Mousetrap (Mrs. Boyle), Robin Hood (Catherine, Prioress of Kirklees). Others include: Into the Woods (Stepmother), Company (Sarah), Urinetown (Penelope Pennywise), Cloud Nine (Ellen/Mrs. Saunders/Betty). She workshopped Leah’s Dybbuk at UMBC, and several new plays with the Generous Company’s WordBRIDGE Playwrights Lab and its GUMBO festival. Kudos to Open Space Arts for finding a way to make theatre while we’re physically distanced. Mask up, friends.

Lieutenant Govenor Seargent Master Anna Dyke Esq:  Anna is the goblin that lives under the stairs at the Open Space Arts house in Reisterstown Maryland. As an avid collector (as most goblins are) they have become the main prop master for the house and it's productions. They are thrilled to be able to make beautiful music with their collection as the Foley director, and also happy to teach the language of the goblin folk as Voice director. They would like to thank their producer, Angela Wright, for writing their bio for them.

E. Chappell:  E. Was adopted into Open Space Arts as stage manager for As You Like It. Their impressive ability to document everything has served Open Space well throughout their time here. As a member of Foley, E. is having a great time explaining to their parents why they need a box of gravel and a bag of broken glass. They also would also, also like to thank their producer, Angela Wright, for writing their bio for them.

Max Jett-Palmer:  Max has been with Open Space Arts ever since they manifested at an improv class years ago. Since then they have appeared in The Tempest, The Mousetrap, Robin Hood, As You Like It, and now Dracula. Max is best known for their sharp wit, and their tendancy to run with it like scissors. Max would also, also, also like to thank their producer, Angela Wright for writing their bio for them as they turned theirs in way past the deadline.

Angela Wright: Angela was trapped in the house after a very strange date led them to hide behind the curtains at a haunted house. Since then they have taken on the reigns as Co-Artistic Director for Open Space Arts, and has director The Tempest, The Mousetrap, Robin Hood, and As You Like It. Producing Dracula has offered them a chance to sleep a little more often, though they now direct the foley of their dreamscapes. Angela has a B.A. in Theater Performance from Elizabethtown College, and a Grand Diploma from Le Cordon Bleu for French Cuisine and Pastry, which she has used to bring the murder mystery dinner theater's hosted by Open Space Arts to life, including writing, directing, producing, and catering both The Codfather and Sacre Bleu (in which she was also murdered). She is currently the Executive Pastry Chef at Corcoran Caterers in Silver Spring. 

Elizabeth Salazar:  Elizabeth Salazar is a Boston-based playwright, director, and performer with  a particular love for history and radio theater. Whether adapting a classic or presenting an original tale, she is always looking for ways to amplify voices that more often go unheard in history and on today's stage. Other radio plays to her credit include adaptations of The Scarlet Pimpernel and "Hurst of Hurstcote," as well as “La Siguanaba,” a play inspired by Central American folklore and family tales.

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