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Cast List:

Production Team:

Liesl Hall: - Guard 1, Lady Portales, Louise, Boy

Daniel Morthole: Guard 2, Francis, Sergent

Kevin Yancey: Sir Percy Blakeney

John Gloss: Sir Andrew Ffoulkes

Owen Monanhan: Degas

Shannon Austin: Comtess de Tournay, Brogard

Kirsten Mize:  Suzanne de Tournay

Bob Brown: Armand St Just, Lord Grenville, Courier

Alex Moore: Citizen Chauvelin, Voice Director 

Miri Rotkovitz: Marguerite St Just

John Covaleski: Prince of Wales, Comte de Tournay

Producer: Angela Wright

Production Director: Angela Wright

Voice Director: Alex Moore

Sound Director: Anna Dyke 

Foley Director: Jonathan Morthole

Professional Consultant: Alex Moore 

Foley Prodigy: E. Chappell 

Foley Cavalry: Daniel Morthole

French Accent Coach: Katie Terry

Liesl Hall:

Audio bio:



 Liesl is very excited to be a part of The Scarlet Pimpernel at Open Space Arts! She recently worked with Open Space in their production of Dracula, and she also recently lent her voice to Izzy in the new post-apocalyptic podcast drama, Survivors’ Station. When she isn’t voice acting, Liesl enjoys painting, playing her ukulele, watching movies, and training her dog, Oakley. She wants to thank her family for all of their love and support.

Daniel Morthole:

Daniel Morthole forgot to send Angela his bio, and has been demoted to NPC. Please see Daniel if you are in need of any goods, or just looking for a good quest to pursue, though you may find he only has a total of 9 possible dialogue options. Daniel is very excited to be working on his first voice acting role in The Scarlet Pimpernel.  


Kevin Yancey:

Audio bio:



Kevin Yancey playing the role of Percy Blakeney, is thrilled to be making his debut performance with Open Space Arts. Kevin majored in Theatre Arts at Texas Tech University and has worked as a dramaturg, director, and playwright at theaters including: The Vortex (Austin, TX), The Institution Theatre (Austin, TX), and Pegasus Theatre (Dallas, TX). He also received his Master of Business Administration Degree from St. Edward's University and currently works as a commercial real estate analyst for small business loans. If you enjoy Kevin's silly voices and acting, you can hear him as the host and Dungeon Master on the podcast/stream Dungeons With Friends. 


Thanks to Open Space Arts for making great theatre during challenging times that so need it. And thanks to my wonderful wife Elizabeth for her unending support and to my daughter Vera for reminding me that playing pretend is fun.

John Gloss:

Sir Andrew Ffoulks

Audio bio:

I've been performing with open space for the last 2 years, my most recent role was as Dr. Jack Seward in Dracula. When I'm not putting on a fancy english accent I host and produce podcasts. You can find me weekly on the Conditional Materials podcast and monthly on Animorphs Monthly. When I'm not talking into a microphone you can find me doing video production and editing. When I'm not doing any of the above I'm spending time with friends and family.

Owen Monahan: 

Owen Monahan has been in several shows with Open Space before, including The Mousetrap, Robin Hood, and their previous radio show, Dracula. In The Scarlet Pimpernel, he plays Desgas, the henchman of the villainous Chauvelin. He is currently studying screenwriting at Depaul University in Chicago. Owen has long since loved radio plays, and is very grateful for the opportunity to act in one again.

Shannon Austin:

Audio bio:

Shannon Austin, playing the roles of Comtesse and Brogard, is excited for her debut performance with Open Space Arts. While she has performed in several plays during high school and college, this is her first foray into voice-acting. She is extremely grateful for the chance to get back into acting and to work alongside such an amazing cast and crew. A mild-mannered executive assistant by day, Shannon spends her free time either playing board games or working on her first poetry collection. You can catch some of her words online at


Kirsten Mize

Kirsten Mize is excited to be joining Open Space Arts as Suzanne de Tournay in The Scarlet Pimpernel. Kirsten’s voice acting experience goes back to her childhood, having voiced the role of young damsel in distress, Gwennie, in Sierra Online's King's Quest VIII: Mask of Eternity at the age of 9. She now works as a voice actor independently from her home studio and has lent her voice to musicals, operas, stage plays, games, podcasts, and radio plays. She most recently played the role of Mina Harker in Open Space Art’s performance of Dracula. When Kirsten is not in her recording booth, or on-stage, she can be found in her 6th grade classroom teaching the next generation to be wise, kind, and creative.

Bob Brown 

Audio Bio

Bob is returning from his previous work in Open Space Art's production of Elizabeth Salazar's Dracula. He has been in theater for over 20 years, with several years working internationally as an improvisation, public speaking, and stage work instructor. As the stages reopen he plans to continue this work in the Seattle scene, where he currently calls home.

Alex Moore 

Audio bio:

Alex Moore (Chauvelin) returns as vocal director/consultant for this production. She’s based in Dallas, Texas where she works with Pegasus Theatre (the home of the “Living Black and White” series of plays) and with Funimation. Anime nerds will know her as Flare Corona from Fairy Tail, Suzuno on The Devil is a Part-Timer! Gamers may have heard her scream and die in Borderlands 3 as Zahnzi Kall and Handsome Jackie.

Great to be back. Allons-y!

​​Miri Rotkovitz: has performed in New York, Boston, and on a national tour. OSA credits: The Mousetrap (Mrs. Boyle), Robin Hood (Catherine, Prioress of Kirklees). Others include: Into the Woods (Stepmother), Company (Sarah), Urinetown (Penelope Pennywise), Cloud Nine (Ellen/Mrs. Saunders/Betty). She workshopped Leah’s Dybbuk at UMBC, and several new plays with the Generous Company’s WordBRIDGE Playwrights Lab and its GUMBO festival. Kudos to Open Space Arts for finding a way to make theatre while we’re physically distanced. Mask up, friends.


John Covaleski:

John Covaleskie (Comte de Tournay/Prince of Wales) is thrilled to be making his debut with Open Space Arts. Since his retirement from teaching four years ago, he has had the chance to return to acting after a ten-year hiatus. He now splits the year between Baltimore and Norman, OK, and does theater in both places when he gets the opportunity. Among his favorite roles have been Joe in All My Sons, Big Daddy in Cat on a Hot Tin Roof, and Doc in West Side Story (all three with the Forrest Roberts Theater of Northern Michigan University), Jack McCarthy in Holdin’ Our Own (Lake Superior Summer Theater), Charlie in Da (Theater 90, Syracuse, NY), and Oscar in The Odd Couple and John Proctor in The Crucible (both with Oneida Area Little Theater). In the world of Covid-19, he is learning new skills and an appreciation for the varieties of digital production, but still looks forward to the experience of telling stories in the dark.

Jonathan Morthole: 

Jonathan joins Open Space Arts as Foley Director. Jonathan is an elder dragon, who is kindly providing treasures from his horde to use as live foley items. When not doing foley for Open Space Arts, Jonathan is developing new recipes for crispy knight. 


Anna Dyke: 

As the resident OSA goblin and Sound Director, Anna has generously provided a diverse array of ears for Open Space to use to create the best sounding radio play possible, in The Scarlet Pimpernel. They have been collecting ears for the past decade, though declines to say where they source said ears from, as it is a proprietary secret. When not sharing their collections with fellow theater lovers, Anna can be found stealing the right foot socks from left handed people.

Angela Wright: 

Angela is proud to be returning as a director on The Scarlet Pimpernel. As the resident Lich King in this boss monster line up of directors, Angela is perpetually tired, and always taking on more than necessary in their pursuit of world domination. Unfortunately, as producer and director she is too busy dealing with adventuring heroes in the form of actors to really get any of her evil plans going. When not directing, or hatching evil plots, Angela is a Pastry Chef specializing in Macarons. Which are probably safe to eat, just don’t eat any from the batch that glows that ominous purple color. 


E. Chappell 

E. is a level 1 bard who walked into the Goblin den ahead of their adventuring party, right before they decided they would rather take on another quest. As such E. just decided to hang out, as the goblins did have a very nice snack spread. That is how they became apprenticed to Anna Dyke. E. has been a devoted minion ever since, though they will be leaving for college soon and the entire team is very proud of E.

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