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To submit a play to our Summer Playwrights Festival follow link below  

Announcing the theme for our 2024 Summer Playwrights Festival! 

Something Lost, Something Gained

Submission Due: April 14th 2024 

We are looking for works between 8-10 minutes long. 

Guidelines are as follows:

Plays should be in PDF or .doc format


We request that the file name be structured as follows:

Playwright Name - Play Title . doc. 


Playwrights names may remain on the title page of the script. 


We welcome plays that have been submitted and performed at previous festivals, as well as new works. 


Plays should have two or more speaking characters. 


Plays should be ‘family friendly’ and suitable for all audiences. 


  • Swearing and crude language should be kept to a minimum. 

  • No overt sexual themes, though innuendo and subtext may be considered. 

  • No graphic violence. 

  • No derogatory and inflammatory content


If we like a play but find the language to be a bit more mature than we are looking for we may reach out to ask if certain words may be changed to suit our audience.

Performances are set for August 9-18 2024 

Thank you very much for your interest in participating in our Summer Playwrights Festival. Any question can be directed to either:


Angela DeBow

Artistic Director 

John Gloss

Executive Director 


Photos from Summer Playwrights Festival 2023

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